AT GO Orthodontics, We Aim to offer the latest and Best Treatment Options at an affordable Cost for all of Pasadena!

Phase I Treatment

Phase I treatment involves the guidance of facial growth and development, which typically occurs during childhood. If a child begins treatment before their permanent teeth have erupted, Dr. Ohanian can use treatments that help guide and correct jaw growth and alignment. By treating your child early, we can often greatly reduce the chances of orthognathic surgery at an older age and develop ideal alignment. This is only needed in some cases.

Custom Self-Ligating BRaces

We only use custom braces and aligners for phase 2 and comprehensive cases. With traditional orthodontics you get a one-size fits-all approach to treatment. It works, but it requires more adjustments and guesswork by an orthodontist throughout your time in braces. That means more appointments and a lot more time in braces. But with custom braces, your treatment is customized to your unique anatomy and treatment plan, so you get to your smile faster than ever. The process starts with a digital scan of your teeth. The scan creates a topographical map of your unique anatomy which Dr. Ohanian uses to select the ideal brackets and placement for each tooth. This customized approach means: Less time in braces Less time away from school or work Shorter time in the dental chair More time loving your new smile! For more information, click here:

Custom Clear braces

Clear braces have all the advantages of traditional braces with the added luxury of being clear and less noticeable. This form of treatment is becoming more popular amongst teenage and adult patients.

Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical Orthodontics, sometimes also referred to as orthognathic surgery, is a type of treatment used to correct severe bites. It is only a treatment option when the case is too severe and other orthodontic options will not be enough to correct the case. We take a multidisciplinary approach for surgical orthodontics, and work with our surgical colleagues to ensure we are collaborating throughout the case.


Phillips Zoom! Whitespeed is a professional, in-office teeth whitening treatment. We use an LED lamp to brighten teeth that have been discolored due to staining. The treatment is done in one appointment, and results are immediate! You will also be given a take-home whitening kit to keep your teeth looking bright and healthy. For more information, click here.

iCat CT Machine

We are proud to say that we are one of only a few orthodontic offices in the San Gabriel Valley to have 3D imaging added to our practice (Pasadena office). Rather than the 2-dimensional view of a standard x-ray, the iCat FLX provides us with a 3-dimensional image. We can look at the teeth, roots, jaw joints and airways from any angle. The accuracy of these images is over ten times better than standard x-rays. Moreover, we can see details that are virtually impossible to see on a standard x-ray. Depending on the resolution needed, the iCat FLX accomplishes this with less radiation exposure than the standard series of x-rays used in orthodontics. It is a proven tool that allows us to be more comprehensive in our diagnosis. Learn more.


Invisalign uses a series of custom clear aligners to straighten your smile. Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, making it a preferred choice for some of our adult and teen patients.

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3D Printing

Discover the future of orthodontic care with our advanced 3D printing technology, revolutionizing the way we create your retainers! Our streamlined process ensures precision and efficiency, resulting in accurately tailored retainers that perfectly fit your teeth. The true innovation lies in the convenience we offer – should you ever misplace or damage your retainers, a simple call or text is all it takes to have replacements made. No need for an extra office visit!